May Pug: New Strategies for 2010 a discussion

Date: Monday, May 10

Time: 7 pm

Location: Hein Photo Studio, 120 N Green Street 3rd floor, Chicago, IL  (It’s in the buzzer as Hein Photo)

Contact: Nancy and Dave Wittig – 312.813.3201

The past few months we have heard from various vendors and other speakers, and this month we want to hear from all of you.  We’re going to facilitate a discussion about how we’re planning to improve our business, workflows, shooting, etc. this wedding season.  We want to hear what different things people are doing, what is working, what hasn’t worked and what will hopefully work this year.  This will be a less formal meeting so bring some beer or wine to share and  we’ll bring something to munch on!

We’re excited to see you all there on Monday!


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